Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canadian Pacific Railway Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Canadian Pacific. The company's transportation services across North America are marketed under the name Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR).

These comprise the services provided over the network of Canadian Pacific Railway Company and its subsidiary companies, St. Lawrence & Hudson Railway Company Limited (StL&H), Soo Line Corporation (SOO Line), and Delaware and Hudson Railway Company Incorporated (D&H).

CPR provides rail and intermodal freight transportation services over a 14,000-mile network extending from Montreal to Vancouver, and throughout the Midwest and Northeast regions of the U.S. Commercial alliances with other carriers extend Canadian Pacific Railway's market reach beyond its own network. Serving ports on the east coasts of Canada and the U.S. and the Port of Vancouver, Canadian Pacific Railway links North America with European and Pacific Rim markets, moving large volumes of import and export goods across the continent. It is also a leading carrier in the intermodal industry with 23 terminals across Canada and the northern U.S.

KONFIG has been implemented in the following areas:

  • Mechanical Department for managing drawings for diesel and car repair shops across Canada and into the United States
  • Engineering Department for drawing and document management (including Safety Systems) spanning all the engineering disciplines
  • Environmental Affairs Department incorporating ISO 14001 standards and practices

Auto-Trol and KONFIG were chosen because:

  • KONFIG is Oracle-based (a CPR standard)
  • KONFIG is easy to implement
  • KONFIG is easy to use (end user training requirements were minimal)

During the evaluation demos, the evaluation team - a sample group of users and managers could actually visualize their requirements being satisfied with the KONFIG solution. CPR plans to increase the number of licenses and increase the user base. CPR is also pleased with the direction that KONFIG is headed with future product releases.