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CMII Data Model Overview

KONFIG® with the CMII® Data Model enables organizations to meet their configuration management objectives quickly and facilitates access to critical information.

Access is through Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox web browsers. This comprehensive, CMII-compliant solution is user-friendly, easy to configure, and rapidly implemented in any business environment. (Certified and rated 4-stars by the Institute of Configuration Management.)


CMII-compliant roles are applied to folders, forms and the change process workflow. Critical document owner and designated user assignments are made to ensure that requirements are clear, concise and valid.


Easy to use simple search as well as unlimited advanced queries and full text document contents searching is supported.

Folder Hierarchy

Multiple projects can be secured and managed. The folder hierarchy includes Physical Items, Documents, ECR, ECN, PR, WA and Deviation and Waiver for each project. All folders can be modified and new folders can be easily added.

Batch Loading of Data

The KONFIG data loader streamlines the batch import process for large amounts of data and files into the KONFIG CMII Data Model. In addition, data can be imported and exported from Microsoft Excel.

Forms and Reports

Auto-generated forms for Problem Reports, Engineering Change Requests, Engineering Change Notices, Work Authorizations, Physical Item and Documents are included in the CMII Data Model. The CMII Baseline Report plus many others are available. Also, users may output data directly to Microsoft Excel.


The CMII Closed-Loop Change Process template is included. Using the KONFIG graphical workflow editor, virtually any business process can be modeled. Workflow can be used in conjunction with KONFIG data and with data from many other data systems.