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Tech Illustrator Data Exchange

Standards Overview

Without a full complement of reliable converters to facilitate data exchange, an application product is nothing more than an island of automation that is unable to communicate with other applications.

Simply put, converters are the key to successful electronic communication. Graphics professionals require the ability to interpret data from a variety of sources, as well as to distribute data in a variety of formats—to communicate with others who are involved in the production process.

Auto-Trol™ Supporting Evolving Industry Standards

Auto-Trol has more than 25 years' experience in developing device drivers and data exchange converters—beginning with a variety of early proprietary formats and evolving to the world of standards-based data exchange formats that are prominent today.

TI® converters have undergone rigorous usage and testing in customer environments, as well as designated testing environments. Our membership and participation in several recognized industry forums serve to further enhance Auto-Trol's data exchange converters:

  1. CGM Open contributing member
  2. OASIS (XML)
  3. Open Design Alliance (OpenDWG)

TI's converters are production-tested and production-proven—continually evolving to address market and customer requirements.

Auto-Trol™ Data Exchange Solutions

TI's data exchange converters let you configure your data exchange environment to address site-specific needs. A variety of 3D vector, composite, and raster formats are supported, and, with the exception of PostScript®, all converters are bi-directional.

Composite File Formats—used for exchange with publishing systems:

  1. CGM: Computer Graphics Metafile (ISO/IEC 8632) supports ATA GREXCHANGE, S1000D and WebCGM profiles.
  2. PostScript: PostScript, Encapsulated PostScript, and EPSI preview files.

3D Vector File Formats—used for exchange with MCAD systems:

  1. IGES: supports ANSI Y14.26M and MIL-PRF-28000B specifications.
  2. DWG: supports Open Design Alliance (ODA) in keeping with the OpenDWG standard.
  3. DXF: supports AutoCad for geometry transfer using ASCII definitions.

Image Formats—used for exchange with desktop systems and MIL-M-38784 Tech Manuals:

  1. TIFF: supports Revision 6.0 of the Tagged Image File Format specification, together with the ATA-100/2100/2200 Specifications.
  2. CCITT-G4: supports several specifications, including MIL-PRF-28002C, ISO 8613 and FIP 150.
  3. JPEG: supports the ISO 10918-1 method of compression for photographic images, which provides for lossy compression.

Auto-Trol™ Standards Summary

Reliable roundtrip conversion involving both import and export is a prerequisite of an efficient production workflow. The old adage, "a chain is only as strong as its weakest link," certainly applies to the overall technical publishing configuration, which typically involves uniting applications and converters.

Auto-Trol provides numerous popular and proven data exchange filters that support a wide variety of formats and diverse production needs.

And, because we support industry ordained standards, our customers are not tied to specific hardware or software manufacturers.