HP and Auto-Trol™ Win with KONFIG®, HP-UX, and Windows NT at DynMcDermott

It can be difficult to respond to a bid when you cannot give a customer specifically what they want. Learn how HP and long-time HP Channel Partner Auto-Trol Technology® Corporation of Denver, Colorado, turned a sticky sales situation into a win.

DynMcDermott Petroleum Operations Company, a Department of Energy prime contractor responsible for managing the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve, realized it needed better information technology to manage the many thousands of documents it produces annually.

Auto-Trol was just one of hundreds of companies that responded to a Request for Information (RFI) DynMcDermott placed in the Commerce Business Daily. Auto-Trol had just come out with the initial offering of KONFIG and was eager to show its Product Data Management (PDM) software package to DynMcDermott. Auto-Trol finally got that opportunity when DynMcDermott issued an initial Request For Proposal (RFP) requiring a Windows NT solution.

According to Bryan Oldham, Auto-Trol account executive, "No one bid the initial project because no one had an NT solution that could meet all of DynMcDermott's requirements for retrieval speed, accuracy, data storage, and the ability to handle remote sites."

DynMcDermott re-released the RFP to over 200 companies. Solution providers were given the option of bidding a Windows NT, UNIX, or combination solution. Due to the complexity of the system most companies did not respond. Four finalists were chosen—two bidding Windows NT on an Intel platform, a third bidding an IBM RS/6000 platform, and Auto-Trol bidding an HP 9000 Model K400 server, HP-UX 10.01, a Model 165st jukebox, 70 GB of RAID storage, and HP GlancePlus to monitor system performance at DynMcDermott's main site in New Orleans, Louisiana. The bid also called for an HP NT Server with 10 GB of RAID at each of DynMcDermott's four remote sites. Nancy Andersen, Auto-Trol hardware product manager, says she chose to bid the HP platform because "in an enterprise environment, we feel that HP-UX is still what our customers need."

Jack Nicholson, HP channel sales rep, believes that Auto-Trol's decision not to push a Windows NT-only solution was critical. Nicholson notes, "Their decision came despite the fact that KONFIG software runs on Windows NT, and that was what the customer wanted."Fortunately, Nicholson notes, "HP was able to provide the customer with performance estimates that they could not get from other vendors."

Nancy Anderson says she also gave a lot of consideration to uptime, and she is confident that "HP-UX with dual RAID arrays and the optical jukebox for secondary storage provided DynMcDermott with the requirements they requested."

There was one final hurdle Auto-Trol had to consider—a very short 45-day window from the award of the contract to the delivery of the systems. "HP was up to the challenge," says Andersen.

In fact both HP and Auto-Trol were up to the challenge. Auto-Trol was awarded a US $1.2-million subcontract by DynMcDermott in March. Initial installation was completed in May, with final migration expected to be finished by the end of summer. Randy Henry, Auto-Trol manager of marketing communications, comments on the win: "It took a close working relationship between HP and Auto-Trol on several fronts to make this happen."