Redefining data and configuration management for business everywhere.

KONFIG Features

KONFIG® is the single, robust tool set capable of meeting an organization's many information management needs. With its comprehensive configuration management capabilities, organizations also receive as part of the core solution the industry's most robust electronic document/data management (EDM), product data/lifecycle management (PLM) and workflow (WF) capabilities available, all in a single, integrated solution.

KONFIG is developed with scalability in mind. Thus, whether your organization is starting out small or is looking for a complete enterprise solution, KONFIG can meet your needs now and in the future. The charts below highlight the system requirements and some of the many features KONFIG offers. Due to KONFIG's robust capabilities, we can not begin to list all of its capabilities here. For additional information contact Auto-Trol™.

Configuration Management (CM)

  • All EDM, PDM and WF capabilities
  • Physical and administrative hierarchy modeling
  • Comprehensive relationship capabilities
  • CMII® compliant classes, attribute names, change forms and reports
  • Closed-loop change process support
  • Fast track change process support
  • CMII Baseline Capability
  • Automated Business Processes
  • Change Request/Change Approval
  • Change Assessment
  • Change Packages
  • Action Items
  • Attachments
  • Full Status Tracking
  • Impact Analysis
  • Late Escalation Procedures
  • Reporting
  • Structured or ad hoc Business Process
  • Programmer level transactional control
  • Fully customizable user interface
  • Role and Folder based Customer Defined Security
  • User Customizable Display Formats
  • PKI Enabled
  • Single sign-on with Common Access Card supported

Document/Data Management (EDM)

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  • Folder Organization
  • Unlimited Attribute Data
  • Automatic and Custom Forms
  • Folder and Document Linking
  • Version/Non-version Vaults
  • Checkin/Checkout
  • Version/Revision Control
  • Document Histories
  • XML Reports
  • Document Classification by Folder

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

All EDM functions plus the following:

  • Part Definition
  • Part Libraries
  • Multiple Part Classes
  • Standard Part Data
  • As-used Part Data
  • Product/Assembly Modeling
  • Embedded Design Rules
  • Part/Assembly Reuse
  • Document Attachments
  • Effectivities
  • Design Reuse
  • Where-used Relationships
  • Baseline Generation
  • As-"xxx" Views
  • Part Difference Reports
  • Baseline Difference Reports
  • Hierarchy and Spreadsheet Browsers
  • Bill-of-Material
  • Where-used Tree
  • Custom Component Display
  • Part Number Searching
  • Class Selection for Relationship Item Links


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  • Attribute Word Searches
  • Content Word Searches
  • Keyword Searches
  • Complex AND/OR searching
  • Where-used Searches
  • Save and Reuse Searches
  • Action Log Viewing
  • Hyperlink Viewing
  • Full Text Searches
  • Configurable Search Screens

Workflow (WF)

  • Web Client
  • Ad Hoc Business Processes
  • Graphical Interface Based on BPMN Standard
  • Reusable Business Process Diagrams
  • User-Defined Tasks
  • Attached Documents
  • Serial/Parallel Tasks
  • Exclusive Decision Gateways
  • Inclusive Decision Gateways
  • Parallel Fork Gateways
  • Nested Workflows as Independent Sub-Processes
  • Before/After Task State Change Triggers
  • Groovy Scripting for State Task Changes
  • Reporting
  • Status Tracking
  • Current Tasks Folder for Each User in Personal Work Area
  • Link to E-mail
  • Late Task Tracking via Timers
  • Fully Scriptable Task Timers
  • Assignment of Tasks by Distribution Lists, Users, or Roles


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  • Automated Business Processes to Manage Workflow
  • Route for Approval
  • Route for Read
  • User and/or Distribution Lists
  • Late Escalation Procedures
  • Approval Review/Comments
  • Serial and Parallel Routing


  • Folder Based Organization
  • Part/Assembly Classes
  • Full Attribute Searching
  • Reuse of Parts in Assemblies
  • Where-used Query
  • As-used Query
  • Folder Based Security System
  • Role Based Attribute Visibility
  • Use Histories
  • Reporting


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A wide variety of ways to customize your experience including:

  • Scripting with Groovy
  • Java®-based Application Programming Interface (API)
  • XML Style Sheet Language (XSL) Toolkit for display customization
  • Java Server Page (JSP) Toolkit for content customization


A wide variety of ways to customize your experience including:

  • Internet N-Tier Architecture
  • Scalable
  • Object Oriented Design and Implementation
  • Replicated, Distributed Vaults
  • Dynamic Data Model
  • Dynamic Logic
  • Scalable


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Technological Security

  • HTTPS:
  • PKI Enabled
  • Single Sign On with Support for DoD Common Access Card
  • Minimum Password Length
  • Designation of Password Structure

Application Security

  • Roles and Individual Users
  • Item and Role Level
  • Attribute Level
  • Folder Level

Auto-Trol™ Services

  • Training
  • Project Management
  • Consulting
  • Custom Programming
  • Batch Load of Existing Dat
  • CAD & Viewer Integrations
  • 3rd Party System Integrations
  • National Customer Support
  • Customer Support Web Site