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Tech Illustrator Modules

Optional modules allow for enhancing application efficiency. The Composite File Manager provides ease of use in managing composite files. Custom plug-ins developed in TI can be deployed for use in Ti Viewer™.

Bitstream®/PostScript® Font

The Bitstream PostScript Font Library—an option for any TI or PPD product—is a collection of thirty-five popular typefaces derived from Bitstream's definitive font outline technology, and adhere to the Type 1 font metrics established by Adobe Systems Incorporated. These typefaces—composed of ISO-Latin character sets—are represented as ASCII WYSIWYG screen fonts within Auto-Trol's application products. These fonts also map to the corresponding PostScript fonts residing in downstream authoring, publishing, and imaging systems.

MetaWeb CGM Viewer

The MetaWeb CGM/WebCGM viewer complements the TI and Ti Viewer products on Windows. MetaWeb leverages the WebCGM Hotspot Plug-in—standard in both TI and TIA—providing the means to deploy and utilize Auto-Trol illustrations on the web, CD, and local Windows workstations. MetaWeb consists of a stand-alone viewer, a Netscape plug-in, and an Internet Explorer ActiveX control.

Tech Illustrator™/Ford Standard Menus

Tech Illustrator/Ford Standard Menus (TI/FSM) for Windows provides specific menus, features, and clip art for producing Ford-compliant artwork. TI/FSM is a native Microsoft application that installs as an integrated plug-in to either Tech Illustrator or Ti Viewer.

Tech Illustrator™/Master Component Library

The Tech Illustrator/Master Component Library (TI/MCL) for Windows provides special tools for the Master Component Library (MCL) process. An MCL is a library of masked/rendered line art components, assemblies and views representing various design aspects of products. The process provides increased efficiencies in updating documents to reflect current art. The TI/MCL plug-in installs as an integrated plug-in to either Tech Illustrator or Ti Viewer, and complements the functionality of TI/FSM.

Composite File Manager

Available in TI, this module may be added to Ti Viewer to improve efficiency when working with composite files.