Your technical illustrations, supercharged for speed, accuracy and ease of use.

Tech Illustrator Product Editions

TI Viewer

Auto-Trol's TI Viewer is designed exclusively for you to read and review Tech Illustrator projects. Processes are ready to check out and you can also view artwork and suggest linking of art within web publications. Sharing the same native file format and data conversion formats as TI, TI Viewer is a streamlined tool for addressing the technical authoring task.

Tech Illustrator™

Auto-Trol™ TI is the flagship of Auto-Trol's technical publishing product suite. Powerful drawing, editing, graphics transformation, and annotation tools--designed specifically for professional technical illustrators--enable creation of precise illustration graphics that accurately communicate product views. The product views, in turn, are utilized in illustrated assembly, operation, maintenance and repair procedures. In addition to intuitive onscreen menus, TI provides keyboard shortcuts, a powerful command and macro language for the experienced user, and unique drawing tools and 3D capabilities not found in other illustration systems. Illustrations created with TI can be output to a variety of commercial and MIL-spec publishing formats. This powerful software application can be used off-the-shelf, or readily customized to address site-specific requirements. TI's Application Programming Interface (API) allows you to break through barriers imposed by artificial glass ceilings, via customization of the software tools and graphical user-interface (GUI) to address site-specific needs. Auto-Trol's Professional Services team is available to enable your realization of the full power/productivity-enhancing potential afforded by product customization.