KONFIG: Total Configuration Management

KONFIG Overview

In today's business environment, a company's intellectual property, whether a contract, engineering drawing or other valuable piece of content, is often the lifeline of the organization.

This corporate lifeline is also the corporate knowledge base. The ability to manage and bring added value to this knowledge base helps organizations of all types stay on the leading edge. KONFIG® Configuration Management (KONFIG) is the single solution that assists organizations transform their knowledge into competitive advantage.

KONFIG is a comprehensive web-based information, data and configuration management solution that supports the tracking, management and analysis of documents, products, and processes. Leveraging technology originally developed and proven for the U.S. Space Program, KONFIG has evolved into the tightly integrated, web-architected, comprehensive solution designed to be a single, enterprise information management solution.

KONFIG's core components include total configuration management, document/data management, product data management (PDM), product lifecycle management (PLM) and robust workflow integrated as a single, seamless solution. KONFIG is data format independent. As such, the customer can manage any data type including drawings, documents, scanned images, videos and any other data desired. Clients world-wide use the power of KONFIG to manage from the most complex data systems of more than 10 million items, to systems with only a few thousand items. In addition, customers are assured of a robust solution by choosing KONFIG. KONFIG is a 4-star certified CMII®-compliant tool as tested by the respected Institute of Configuration Management (ICM).

KONFIG addresses the Configuration Management needs of government and commercial clients around the world.

KONFIG is the fully integrated, single database, total configuration management (CM) solution for an organization's hardware, software, data, network and physical item configuration management needs. KONFIG utilizes open standards such as Oracle® and Java™. It also provides out-of-the-box applications for hardware, software, and data CM in addition to the most robust toolkit in the industry. KONFIG helps organizations meet their demanding CM needs world-wide.

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Auto-trol™ KONFIG product is a single, robust toolset capable of meeting an organization's many information management needs. Learn more about KONFIG product features.


KONFIG White Paper and Demonstration

The KONFIG Product Suite and the CMII Process
The intent of this paper is to explain, at a high level, the CMII® process, how CMII is the foundation to meeting standards such as CMMI, ISO, and ITIL®, and how Auto-trol's KONFIG Product Suite is an enabling tool for meeting these world-class standards.

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The KONFIG CMII Process PowerPoint Show
The intent of this demonstration is to explain, at a high level, the CMII® change process. Please note: this demonstration is in Microsoft PowerPoint format.

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Data Sheet: KONFIG Overview
Data Sheet: KONFIG CMII Data Model