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KONFIG Solutions

KONFIG - Discover an Out-of-the-Box CM Certified Solution.

Auto-Trol™ KONFIG® is a comprehensive CMII® certified ( web application built on Auto-Trol's KONFIG Configuration Management solution. The KONFIG application provides organizations a comprehensive, out of the box, CMII-compliant solution for data management and configuration management, ready for implementing within any business environment. The KONFIG solution includes:

  1. Physical and administrative hierarchy modeling
  2. Document management
  3. CMII-compliant classes, attributes names, change forms, and reports
  4. Closed-loop change process support, including fast-track
  5. CMII baseline capability
  6. Automated workflows

KONFIG's flexible design allows organizations to adopt the solution out-of-the-box or tailor the application to meet the organization's specific needs. With the ability to start using the comprehensive application immediately, an organization can gain competitive advantage in record time.

EDM - Advanced Document and Data Management

Auto-Trol's KONFIG solution provides the industry's most advanced out-of-the-box electronic document and data management system. Corporate documents and data of all types are the cornerstone of today's intellectual property. KONFIG provides the easy ability to establish key relationships between data and other items, and an easy way to share the data across the enterprise. Thus, the corporate intellectual property can now be used enterprise-wide, turning the intellectual property into powerful business advantage.

PLM - Managing your Assemblies, Parts, and BOMs

Auto-Trol's KONFIG product provides unsurpassed out-of-the-box product lifecycle/data management capabilities providing organizations an effective way to manage the entire lifecycle of any item, whether core data and documents or an actual item built from raw material. Of key importance is KONFIG's ability to take data located within Bills of Materials (BOMs) from disparate engineering solutions and make the BOM information visible across the enterprise, not just in the engineering environment. This single ability brings true corporate value to the data and competitive advantage to an organization.

ECM - Managing Structured and Unstructured Content

Auto-Trol's KONFIG product provides out-of-the-box functionality necessary for managing and accessing all of your enterprise's electronic content. This content can be from any of your desktop applications including paper documents that are scanned and stored into the KONFIG repository. KONFIG's integrated workflow capabilities allow you to process the stored information in a structured or ad-hoc mode. KONFIG can manage your diverse corporate content.

KM - Capture and Maintain Your Corporate Intellectual Property

Auto-Trol's KONFIG product is the single off-the-shelf solution that helps organizations with their Knowledge Management tasks. The challenge for many organizations today is capturing, organizing and sharing its knowledge base and intellectual property. This information is vital to the growth and success of an organization yet is typically isolated in "islands of information". KONFIG's core capabilities allow organizations to capture their information, securely vault it, organize it and share it across the enterprise. More importantly, KONFIG allows users to globally access this information via the web. Thus, KONFIG provides organizations an effective and secure way to enhance their Knowledge Management needs and turn the associated information into competitive advantage