Auto-Trol Solutions: Powerful, Flexible, and Best-in-Class

Configuration Management

Configuration management consists of controlling an enterprise's intellectual property--data, processes, people, and the relationships between them--for manufactured goods, hardware, software, or any industry requiring traceability.

Technical Illustration

The Auto-Trol™ Tech Illustrator™ (TI™) product suite provides the perfect blend of art and illustration for your Technical Publications Department. TI helps organizations leverage existing data regardless of source, from re-purposing engineering data to utilizing legacy raster data.

Electronic Document Management

Leading organizations worldwide use KONFIG as their electronic document management solution to create and manage relationships between documents and business entities, leveraging intellectual property for business advantage.

Product Lifecycle Management

KONFIG takes BOM information from disparate engineering solutions and makes it available enterprise-wide to organizations such as planning, purchasing, legal, human resources, and others, bringing true corporate value to the data and competitive advantage to an organization.

Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals

KONFIG utilizes a single repository to store text and illustrations and manages the hyperlinks between them. The configuration management capability of KONFIG reduces development time, errors, and rework while enabling a high degree of re-use.