Redefining data and configuration management for business everywhere.

KONFIG Technical Advantages

Auto-Trol™ KONFIG® is a configuration management system designed to promote collaboration among business resources via the Internet or intranet.

KONFIG provides a powerful set of configurable software and toolkits specially designed to model dynamic product data and processes even as a business changes through time. Integrating the activities of Electronic Document Management (EDM), Product Data Management (PDM), and Electronic Workflow, KONFIG supports distributed business resources by providing configurable enterprise collaboration software. The following highlights some of the many advantages for both the architecture and technology of Auto-Trol's KONFIG product.

KONFIG Architecture Avantages

  1. Internet ready: All your users need is a web browser
  2. EDM, PDM, and Workflow seamlessly combined in a single product
  3. Proven scalable architecture with a 10 million-item database currently in production
  4. Data and security model creation without programming or database schema changes
  5. Change data and security model at any time without programming or database schema changes
  6. U.S. Government security standards met:
  7. > DOD PKI Enabled
  8. > DOD single sign-on supported
  9. Easy to use and configurable out-of-the box reports
  10. Model business processes through a graphical workflow designer:
  11. > Logic Gates
  12. > Events
  13. > User Activities
  14. > Timers
  15. Virtually no limit to class definitions
  16. Overall configurable and flexible software
  17. Supports a scriptable event model that can be updated on the fly
  18. Robust toolkits support programmatic customization

KONFIG Technology Advantages

  1. Proven to be enterprise capable
  2. Optimized for the Internet and intranet
  3. Supports standard Java® web server load balancing technologies
  4. Java servlets, Java Server Pages (JSP) and tags
  5. Easily internationalizable
  6. Provides Java Internet clients
  7. Built on an Oracle® database
  8. Supports the BPMN Business Process and Workflow standards
  9. Advanced distributed vault technology