Your technical illustrations, supercharged for speed, accuracy and ease of use.

Ti Viewer

Auto-trol™ Ti Viewer™ addresses the needs of technical illustrators through a powerful, easy-to-use tool specifically designed for authoring tasks.

The authoring of technical illustrations has traditionally been considered the job of technical illustrators and production artists. When it's time for completed artwork to be incorporated into electronic-based documentation, technical authors need robust, feature-rich solutions to modify, markup, link and annotate this artwork in the same native drawing format.

Ti Viewer is a standalone application that provides full interoperability with technical illustration files, industry-specific toolsets, and other standard drawing exchange formats. Ti Viewer features an intuitive Windows® interface that easily installs and provides the ability to add custom tools adapted specifically to customer site authoring processes (shown below).

Tech Illustrator™ and Ti Viewer are integral components of electronic publishing and documentation fully supporting the Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM) creation process. Ti Viewer offers customers the ability to prepare illustration data for use on the web, in IETMs, or both—in accordance with adopted standards (e.g., WebCGM Profile, ATA 2200 Profile GREXCHANGE 2.8, CALS Profile, MIL-PRF-87269, S1000D, and XML).

In addition, WebCGM files that are exported from Ti Viewer are fully compatible with the Air Force Common Viewer, the Army's Interactive Authoring and Display System (IADS) Viewer, and most CGM viewers on the market today. WebCGM allows for content and structuring of graphical data to complement textual and bitmap data, greatly increasing flexibility in web publications development.


  1. Reduced illustration correction cycle flow-time
  2. Directly repurpose vector and raster graphics within Ti Viewer for greater efficiency
  3. Flexible Callout/Annotation Tools allow technical illustrators to communicate details easily to any audience
  4. Through a data-driven process, associate intelligence with graphics and provide links between CGM graphics, ensuring that images are accurately rendered
  5. Integral component of IETM Process
  6. Enhanced authoring capability expands the range of publishing deliverables
  7. Electronic Markup Tools allow technical authors/editors to markup artwork as an integral part of an electronic workflow process
  8. Efficiently communicate business critical information through the web
  9. Compliance with open standards gives freedom from vendor-proprietary solutions and the need to recreate design and legacy data


  1. Full interoperability with the Tech Illustrator Product Line
  2. Document markup and annotation tool suite
  3. Full tool support of overlay and embedded hotspot models (WebCGM Compliant)
  4. Loading and saving native Auto-trol formats
  5. Direct import/export of standard formats
  6. ISO-Latin PostScript® typefaces
  7. Flexible note/callout utilities
  8. Proofing/camera-ready imaging
  9. Fully Customizable Toolbar Client
  10. And much more

Ease of Use

  1. Intuitive point-and-click Microsoft® GUI
  2. Easy installation
  3. On-line Help and product documentation
  4. Multi-document interface with cut-and-paste
  5. Toolset assembled for Technical Authors
  6. Enhanced selection tool and easy-to-arrange toolbars